THE GLASS CABINET - A study of a future dotted with Neoclassical remnants of humanity & a human link to nature remaining only via technological interfaces & 'The New Wiccan Science'...

Within this imagined landscape, I explore the threat of our disconnect from the natural world through picturing one in which we are physically rejected by it.

Where thin links to nature remain, like topiary we are bound to restricted paths & we begin to attempt to alter our molecular form to break back in to Eden. 

Without being able to touch, smell or hear the natural world, a predominant sorrow & emptiness is conveyed & in these restrictive interfaces or, 'vistas'

In the work, I address the effects of current living standards & our own use of interfaces such as social media & the behavioural problems that manifest through a 'shielded' digital experience. I work to represent us through an even & understanding perspective that nurtures responsibility & hope. 

''The teenager problem - yes, They are raised with no green fields to wonder in, crammed more & more in to cities when instead they might discover the joy & importance of progress & harmony with nature. The 'teenager' has come about because they are not free in this new system & they can learn nothing fully in it'' Frank Lloyd Wright, 1958.

THE COLLECTION - This is currently a preview site for the 1st collection of works, my other work Art For Dance is exhibiting this Spring & after June the print shop here will begin to fill up... If you are interested in following / purchasing or selling the work, we're on instagram @theglasscabinet 

I list pieces & selected prints as & when they are completed, as some of my prints are hand assembled... The best way to see when new designs are available is to follow my IG or visit us here for early viewings, alternatively you can visit The Pyramid Gallery in York to see pieces first hand - check our ABOUT page to see stockists & exhibition dates. 

All designs, photographs & other content is copyright S.J.Somers Art 2018©